Posted by: scott | April 2, 2010


I started this blog not really with any particular goal in mind, but just because I thought it might be something interesting to do. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs in the past couple of months (some written by friends, some written by economists, and many regarding mathematics), and I guess it just struck me as something that perhaps I should try to do as well — purely as an experiment and without any timeline in mind.

I think two minor results that I hope might be able to accomplish will be that 1) I learn more about myself in writing stuff down and thus naturally elaborating on my thoughts and 2) I can record and keep track of the multitude of thoughts that seem to be overflowing my minds these days.  I often feel like an idea or thought pops into my head that I hope I will remember, only to be forgotten later on because so many other things happen in the interim.

The title of this blog, entitled “scott still doesn’t know,” is a play-on of the song in EuropTrip “Scottie doesn’t know”, of which I have been the target of many a joke (although I admit that I am too prideful to use the name scottie). It’s also meant to represent many of the things in life that I’m still clueless about and hopefully will be able to learn and share with you as time goes along. So here’s to the new adventure…



  1. Your sense of curiosity and your desire to continually learn, despite your often strong opinions, have always been attributes that I have really admired. I have seen you grow in so many ways already, and I have no doubt that you will continue to discover things about yourself and the world around you, particularly in the journey you are about to embark. I am really looking forward to reading about your ideas, impressions, thoughts, and the amazing discoveries I know you’ll experience.

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