Posted by: scott | May 29, 2010

mornings in new york

My favorite time of day in New York is the early morning. If you ever walk along the streets at around 6am, you can feel a sense of peace and solitude that you don’t usually get. There’s no heavy traffic, no sounds of screeching brakes and honking taxis, and no trying to squeeze into a subway with dozens of other people pushing and shoving one another around.

And yet, in the city that never sleeps, nothing is ever completely desolate. You still see the occasional person on the street, perhaps power washing the sidewalk in front of his store, possibly transporting an early truckload of goods into a store, or maybe just heading towards the subway to get an early start on work. There are people in suits heading to Wall Street, and there are people in t-shirts, jeans, and an apron setting up the day’s supply of fresh fish in Chinatown.

No matter who or what, though, you get this nice sense that even though each person around you might have a different story and be about doing a different task, everyone is working hard, trying to make a living for themselves, and trying to achieve for themselves what some people might call the “American dream”.

After all, why else would anyone be awake at 6 in the morning?



  1. the best part about people watching is speculating about their stories.

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